Credit despite return debit.

Having a direct debit on your account is more than just a “shot in the bow”. Getting a loan despite a direct debit is no small feat. The checking account is one of the most important indicators for assessing creditworthiness. The article provides more on the topic and problem solving.

Credit despite return debit – it’s not that easy.

Credit despite return debit - it

A credit despite a direct debit can only be granted without problems if the direct debit has been requested by the account holder. Nobody is forced to accept an unauthorized collection of money. Such a return debit may neither have a negative effect on the lending nor a negative Credit Bureau entry. It is different from a return debit due to a lack of cover. Under certain circumstances, it can even justify a negative entry in the Credit Bureau. There are only a few simple formalities to be followed. Such an entry is then a KO reason for any lending within the next three years.

As a rule, however, these measures are not taken immediately. Most account holders provide cover and transfer the amount. Nevertheless, the transfer does not hide the fact that the debtor was at least temporarily insolvent. Nobody in the world wants to lend money to an insolvent person on the agreed payday. The return debit proves nothing else than this insolvency due to the lack of funds on the account statement. If the clerk notices the return debit during his check, there is no credit despite the return debit.

The current account to assess creditworthiness.

The current account to assess creditworthiness.

Nothing can tell a creditor more about the applicant than the checking account. The entire income and expenditure situation can be read like a book. A period of time ranging from the present to three months is checked for the loan application. What was before is “barred”.

During the examination period, he checks very carefully whether return debits have occurred. In the meantime, some credit institutions have started to no longer note the unsuccessful move-in on the statements. Nevertheless, the return debit fee appears and reveals the event.

This makes the loan easier to approve.

This makes the loan easier to approve.

If you regularly have to deal with return debits, there is no doubt that you will not be able to repay a loan. The current account clearly reveals this situation. So it only helps to tackle the root of the problem and ensure repayment security for a lender. Anyone who has sufficient income above their current payment obligations must restrict themselves. In this way, at least the return debits can be avoided for a period of three months.

In order to make the loan possible despite the direct debit, the clerk does not only look at failed debits. The checking account should be managed in such a way that an amount is saved every month. It should correspond to the desired rate. The current account proves that not only is the income sufficient, but the rate is also secured. A bank sells money. No clerk wants to reject a loan application. The only requirement, in addition to the clean Credit Bureau, is the secure repayment ability of the debtor for lending. If it is guaranteed again, the credit will also be able to be approved in the past, despite the direct debit.


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