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A civil servant loan is a loan aimed at trainees who want to become civil servants. The large number of civil servants are in training or in a legal clerkship. Of course, the status of a civil servant is not comparable to that of an official who has already been taken on. However, civil servants generally have the security of switching to a temporary or even permanent job at the end of their work as trainees. For this reason, civil servants are popular customers with banks. A loan for civil servants is also usually cheaper than for other trainees because they cannot offer the same financial security.

The loan for civil servant candidates – an easy game

The loan for civil servant candidates - an easy game

Anyone who wants to work as a civil servant in the future will have an easier time getting a loan than a simple employee. This applies to borrowing both locally and online. It is a proven fact that civil servant loans and civil servant loans are usually repaid easily.
Most banks grant ordinary civil servant loans to civil servants. However, some banks only grant official loans if someone has been a civil servant for five years or has already had official status. But official loans are not possible with every bank. However, there are banks that specialize in official loans and loans for civil servant candidates. In any event, installment loans can be used by almost every bank as a loan for civil servants. These are available from around 500 to 2500 dollars and make smaller purchases possible.

Secure employment – good creditworthiness

Secure employment - good creditworthiness

Because civil servants are generally perceived as having regular income and secure employment, they can easily get a civil servant loan on favorable terms. Sums of up to 5,000 dollars are also no problem for civil servants with low remuneration. The banks strive to attract civil servants as customers. Because if they change to civil servant status, they are particularly welcome customers – also because they cannot be terminated. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the transfer to civil service is not yet certain at the time of the expectation.

The situation of the teachers

The situation of the teachers

Teachers are a special case. During their time as trainee lawyers, they are listed as civil servant candidates, but after successfully passing the second state examination, they initially become employees. This means that they can be terminated more easily – and the reduced civil servant loans are only granted to them if they can be repaid in the time before the state examination. In some cases, a general loan is cheaper than a special civil servant loan or a civil servant loan. The exact comparison is worthwhile in any case.

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