Streamate – Video Chat Explained

Streamate – Video Chat can do a lot to enhance your networking and business relationships with your employees, clients, and salespeople. This new and innovative web based technology provides the next best thing to the old-fashioned face-to-face meetings, but without the expense and hassle of traveling to meet with other people.

The fact that streams video and audio gives you the advantage of not having to install a bulky video screen at each employee’s desk. No worries about a receptionist turning a stranger away because the technology was not installed properly and there were no videos available to view.

Make a video chat 

Make a video chat 

This is a great feature for all your customer service related meetings. Customers can take advantage of how easy it is to make a video chat with you as soon as you are available to meet with them.

It also allows you to share your knowledge with your team members. Since you will be in the room and see what is being said, you can provide some basic knowledge to your team members, so they can better use the information that you shared.

There is no need to worry about a time conflict when you are having a company meeting. Simply have all of your employees on your desktop streaming video or audio and everyone can get up and speak when you feel like it.

Streamate – Video Chat makes life and business easy

Streamate - Video Chat makes life and business easy

Having a webcam is an important part of meeting face to face, but many of us have busy schedules and cannot be there when a meeting is held. In these cases, the ability to have a video chat session with a person sitting right in front of you is a huge advantage.

Businesses that already have people in place to handle customer calls and other services would greatly benefit from this technology. Streamate – Video Chat makes it easy for these businesses to eliminate unnecessary and duplicative time spent on call centers, answering phones, processing orders, sending emails, and so on.

We all use the Internet all the time, but it is also important to understand new video technologies as well. The ability to reduce waste and duplication in your business operations, as well as make it easier to reach your customers online, are features that companies cannot live without.

If your company is into customer service or even just selling products or providing services online, this new technology will go a long way towards making things run more smoothly. Businesses that allow their employees to be able to communicate with other people will improve their company image and win more customers.

Who developed Streamate – Video Chat?

Who developed Streamate - Video Chat?

Streamate – Video Chat was developed by a team of engineering and product management professionals from the University of South Florida. The team had an online chat room where they tested different software, gave feedback, and learned from their mistakes.

The researchers even went through the overall software development process and helped the software engineers design a complete system to help the team. This entire group of experts worked together to help Streamate-Video Chat become a reality.

If you are an existing business that wants to give your employees a new way to communicate, you can use Streamate – Video Chat to help you reach out to your customers and grow your business. You should try it yourself and see how much it can benefit your business today!

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